• December 4, 2012

D&K Engineering President, Alex Kunczynski takes a board seat at CommNexus

D&K Engineering President, Alex Kunczynski takes a board seat at CommNexus

SAN DIEGO, CA. December 4, 2012 – Alex Kunczynski, President and co-founder of D&K Engineering was recently elected to the Board of Directors of CommNexus and EvoNexus.

“CommNexus and EvoNexus, San Diego’s powerful high tech association and high tech incubator, has become a powerful force in building the region’s innovation economy. This could not have been accomplished without the key technology leaders stepping in with their personal contributions and corporate support. Many of these leaders serve on the CommNexus board and represent the core of our innovation sector”, stated Rory Moore, CEO, CommNexus & EvoNexus.

“Recently, CommNexus filled an extremely important board position with the election of Alex Kunczynski (Co-Founder & President, D&K Engineering). While the news is filled with stories about companies like Apple outsourcing manufacturing to Asia, San Diego is home to a true manufacturing and engineering center of excellence, D&K Engineering. I have gotten to know Alex both personally and professionally. He is a brilliant engineer and terrific leader. He will bring a wealth of expertise to both to our boards of directors and help chart the course for the organization for years to come.”

“CommNexus is the premier organization promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in San Diego,” stated Alex Kunczynski, President and co-founder of D&K Engineering. “I am proud to be a part of this organization as it works to build a future for innovation and technology in the San Diego region by supporting the endeavors of early stage companies.”

About D&K Engineering
D&K Engineering is a global outsourced R&D, engineering and contract manufacturing services company specializing in developing and manufacturing complex electromechanical products and equipment. With integrated engineering and contract manufacturing capabilities, D&K Engineering mobilizes the right people, processes, tools and infrastructure to create and deliver sustainable business value to its clients seeking to outsource the design and/or manufacturing of their equipment or products.

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