• June 15, 2016

NanoCellect Launches WOLF Cell Sorter at CYTO 2016

NanoCellect Launches WOLF Cell Sorter at CYTO 2016

Deep Engineering and Design Collaboration Enables Breakthrough Biomedical Technology

CYTO 2016 Seattle – (June 14, 2016) – D&K Engineering, an international product development and manufacturing services provider, today celebrates the launch of NanoCellect’s WOLF Cell Sorter—a breakthrough sorting flow cytometer for biomedical research. D&K Engineering supported NanoCellect’s design for manufacture engineering efforts. The device will make its official debut at CYTO 2016 at a private launch party.

NanoCellect expanded their engineering expertise with help from the D&K Engineering team to accelerate their product launch. Together, they will manufacture the smallest, easiest-to-use and most affordable cell sorter on the market that purifies specific cells from mixed populations. NanoCellect’s unique fluorescent activated cell sorter (FACS) uses a microfluidic cartridge that eliminates sample contamination between runs and increases cell viability with low-pressure sorting. D&K integrated electronics on four printed circuit boards and facilitated the design and prototype of the cabinet structure. The WOLF Cell Sorter is also aerosol-free and eliminates the need for containment systems. D&K Engineering helped advance the robustness of the WOLF Cell Sorter by employing manufacturing design principles for commercial launch with early adopters.
“D&K has been very supportive to NanoCellect. We’ve had great interactions with engineers and program managers and we can tell we’re getting more than just on-the-clock time,” said NanoCellect Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Will Alaynick, PhD. “Clearly the engineers are thinking about our design challenges and we have seen these results in the creative solutions they bring to the table. I’d recommend D&K to anyone seeking to move their product into commercial production.”
“NanoCellect is really pushing the boundaries to create new technologies that will enable life-saving discoveries in the biomedical space. It was really inspiring to see our teams working side-by-side to solve engineering challenges and bring to life a truly innovative new product,” said Scott Dennis, Chief Executive Officer D&K Engineering.

About D&K Engineering
D&K Engineering is an international product development and manufacturing services provider with a proven track record of innovative ideas into successful reality. Our clients leverage our proprietary Total Commercialization Solutions to evolve hardware, systems and content-based product ideas from initial design to manufacturing and into a sustainable line of business. Our experience-driven engineering, manufacturing and supply chain services get products to market faster with lower overall cost of development providing our customers with significant competitive advantage. DK Nexus is headquartered in San Diego, California and Singapore.

About NanoCellect Biomedical, Inc.
NanoCellect’s mission is to facilitate biomedical breakthroughs by making cell analysis and sorting technology more affordable and easier to use. Our microfluidic flow cytometry platforms enable biomedical scientists to analyze and sort cells required for drug discovery, diagnostics, and basic research.

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